Loris N. Adams

Rev. Loris N. Adams has spent the last decade developing and sharpening administrative and interpersonal skills centered around the best interest and best practices in helping students and families of diverse backgrounds succeed in independent schools. She specializes in youth program creation and engagement, staff diversity training and curriculum development with a focus on multicultural sensitivities, intersectionality, conflict resolution, and multi-faith community building.

Loris currently serves as Director of Community and Equity Affairs at a boarding school in the greater Boston area and as an independent consultant for schools, churches, and nonprofits. Previously, Loris worked in North Carolina as a Lower School Dean and Chaplain. Loris has presented at numerous conferences including the NAIS People of Color Conference and the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools, where she led a session entitled “A Bridge Too Far—Culture and Compromise in Independent Schools.” Loris has participated in the National Diversity Practitioners Institute, the Kingswood Oxford Institute for Educators of Colors and the NAIS Diversity Leadership Insitute. She currently serves on the faculty of the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference and as an advisory board member for Enquiry Evaluation.