Max Strickberger

At their DC independent school, twin brothers Max and Sam Strickberger founded InLight magazine, the first student-led diversity and identity magazine of its kind. Dedicated to exploring cultures, lifting voices and connecting students, the magazine’s 26 issues haveunearthed hundreds of unheard stories from young people. Max and Sam believe young people are experts in their identities and the magazine centers student perspectives. In the 2018-2019 school year InLight will unite 24 schools in the DC area and almost a dozen independent schools have created their own InLight platforms.

Max and Sam attended the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and participated in Operation Understanding DC, which deepened their commitments to diversity and justice work. Sam was awarded the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for his work with InLight and the magazine has won “Best Service to Community” and “First Place with Special Merit” from the American Scholastic Press AssociationInLight will soon expand into Philadelphia where Max and Sam are first years at the University of Pennsylvania.